Download Your Data from Twitter

Are you interested in how to download your data from your Twitter account. If so, please check out my How To video on how to download your personal date from Twitter.

Download Your Data From Facebook

Have you ever thought about how you can download your personal data and photos from Facebook? Check out my easy How To video on downloading your data from Facebook.

Field Day 2020

Some of you might have seen a few of my live YouTube broadcasts this past weekend and wondered what the hell I was doing. I was participating in an activity that more than 35,000 amateur radio operators across the United States and Canada do with their clubs, groups, and friends ( continue reading… )

EchoLink Node

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator (AKA ham radio operator) looking for something different to do during these fun times of social distancing, I have set up an EchoLink node at my house that we can all connect to for a roundtable chat.  You can connect to the ( continue reading… )

Meet the Expert

I was waiting to start this blog off with something good and I think I have found it. I sat down for an interview with Ariel Sanchez for Meet the Expert, a vBrownbag YouTube video series, at the Indianapolis VMUG UserCon.

What’s the Difference

The other day, I posted two pictures of rifles in a tweet and asked what the difference was between them. I did not post any descriptions or give any indications of what type of rifles they were. I wanted to see what people’s reactions were to the two rifles. I ( continue reading… )