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Although I grew up in the “CB” days, I never had much desire to learn morse code. While several of my friends got licensed after high school, I took off and joined the Navy. During my time in the Navy, I went to school for advanced electronics, computers and radar in support of the shipboard surface-to-air missile system that I worked on.

Fast forward 25 years and I found an ad on a gun forum to take the amateur radio exam for free at the local Boy Scout council office. So, I signed up for the exam and did about a week’s worth of studying. I took my Technicians license test on 2/14/15 and, by 2/17/15, I had my call sign. Since I work in the IT field and I was looking for a technical challenge that was not work related, I set a goal to pass the Amateur Extra exam within six months. On 7/28/15, the FCC granted my Amateur Extra status. 

Below are my most recent HF contacts.