In computing, WhoAmI is a command found on most Unix-like operating systems and every Windows operating system since Windows Server 2003. It is a concatenation of the words “Who am I?” and prints the effective username of the current user when invoked.

WhoAmI? I am first and foremost the father of 3 awesome boys and the husband to a wonderful wife. I am a veteran of the United States Navy and served aboard the USS Gridley CG-21 as a Fire Controlman during the first Persian Gulf War. In my day job, I am employed as a Senior Virtualization Engineer for a local hospital network utilizing VMware’s suite of virtualization products. When I am not busy virtualizing ones and zeros for work, I am very active in the VMware vCommunity. I am on the leadership team for the IndyVMUG. VMUG stands for VMware Users Group, more information about VMUG can be found on their website at http://www.vmug.com. In addition to my involvement with the VMUG, VMware has bestowed the title of vExpert on me for the past two years. vExpert is a program were individuals are recognised by VMware for their contributions to the vCommunity and their evangelism of the VMware suite of products.

At night when I have some free time, I have several other hobbies to keep myself occupied. I have been a Boy Scout leader for the past 8 years. I am a amature radio operator and I hold an Amature Extra license with the call sign NW9F. The Amature Extra licenses is the highest license available to an amature radio operator in the United States. This class of license allows me to operate in all modes in all frequency bands that have been allocated for amature use in the United States. I am also a big supporter of the Second Amendment. I enjoy shooting guns and have taken the time to get NRA certified as an instructor for basic pistol, rifle and shotgun. I also got certified as a Range Safety Officer.