EchoLink Node

If you are a licensed amateur radio operator (AKA ham radio operator) looking for something different to do during these fun times of social distancing, I have set up an EchoLink node at my house that we can all connect to for a roundtable chat. 

You can connect to the node by using a local FM repeater that is connected to the EchoLink network, you can download the Windows client from, or you can download the iPhone or Android app from their respective app stores.

If you are using a software client, you will need to validate with the EchoLink team that you have a valid amatuer radio license before you can use the software. You can do this at Once your license is validated, you can log in to the software.

As a reminder, even though we are using VoIP software, our transmissions will be going over the air and all rules that apply to amatuer radio apply on the EchoLink network. (This is why they have to validate your license before you get access.)

Once you have the software set up and connected, search for and connect to either NW9F-L or the node number 482777. I will make sure to put the tag #vCommunity is the description field. 

If you need any help or have any questions, please DM me on Twitter @othertimdavis.

Stay safe,